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For 15 years, Emmersion has facilitated opportunities in North, Central and South America by providing market strategy consulting services, investment banking and opportunities through M&A, LP, JV and P3.

By using its network of institutions, executives, commercial and investment banks, private equity and family investors, companies and governments, Emmersion can scale any project in the region and add value through its relationships.


While Emmersion has industry experience across a variety of sectors, the following verticals are focus areas for 2020.  Contact us today for more information and our insight on the following:


Health & Wellness - CPG, distribution, fitness and yoga.

Food & Supply Chain - Manufacturing, CPG, packaging and distribution.

Technology & Media - Financial technology, SaaS, global payments, traditional and digital media, entertainment platforms and conferences.

Retail & E-Commerce - Brick and mortar, small footprint retail, mobile and e-commerce.

Commercial Real Estate - Master plans, commercial projects, distribution and industrial facilities, hotels and project development.


In 2019, a U.S. based vehicle called Emmersion Capital will be created by the managing partners, which will invest into healthcare and wellness, real estate and infrastructure, technology and media projects in Central and South America.

For a list of projects and potential limited partnership opportunities, contact us today.


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