Opportunity Pipeline - Q3 2020

Total Revenue/Raise:   $1.6B USD


Total Opportunities:  21

Geographies:  CO, PE, CL, BR, PY, CR.

Deal Type:  M&A, Debt, JV, F2F.


Emerging market currencies in comparison to the United States Dollar (USD) fluctuate and the Latin American currencies are no exception. An attempt was made to use accurate foreign exchange rates.

The success of any investment activity is determined to an extent on the general economic conditions including the availability of external credit markets, equity markets, stability in the global economy. Emmersion Inc. and its subsidiaries do not make any assurances that such markets and the economy, whether international or domestic, will be as anticipated for an investment to be successful.  

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Portfolio of producers in the agriculture industry. Brasil & Andean regions.

Total revenue $300MM+
BPO/Contact Center
One of the largest independently owned call centers in the Andean region. Multiple business units, including IT services. Clients in North and South America. Located in the Andean region. $50MM USD revenue.
Contact Center
Contact center that only serves the North American market providing sales, lead generation, direct response, customer support and U.S. Hispanic market services. North American region. $10MM USD revenue.
Digital Agencies
Digital agency roll-up serving both the United States and Latin American markets that provides SEO, digital marketing, content creation and strategy services. Andean region and Brasil, $15MM USD revenue.
Engineering Services
Established firm that has procured contracts with the largest municipalities in the region. Single owner of a licensed technology to streamline construction process. Andean region. $25MM USD revenue.
Trade Finance
Emmersion is seeking a partner to help capitalize a financing fund for CPG distributors in LATAM. Short term credit in the 15-30% range. US Delaware holding structure. Brasil & Andean regions. $15MM USD raise.
Packaged Foods
Packaged fruits, vegetables and nuts processor, packaging and distributor. Currently seeking partners in the US to help enter the market. Located in the Andean region, $20MM USD revenue.
Healthy Snacks
Emmersion micro-fund to seed manufacturing, strategic acquisitions and distribution of protein bars, vegan products and supplements. Intellectual property opportunity for technology. Located in Brasil, Andean and Central American regions. $25MM USD capital raise.
IT Services
IT service provider, contact center and corporate data services. Client revenue in Central America, South America and Europe. Acquisition opportunity, independently owned. Andean region. $35MM USD revenue.
Renewable Energy
Capital raise for a renewable energy fund for Colombia, Peru and Central America. Existing developmental operations under LOI with 5 new projects in various stages of development. Andean region. $100MM USD capital raise.
Renewable Energy
Utility scale renewable energy multi-project with 100mw capacity and 150mw in the pipeline. Partner needed to scale
development. Located in the Andean region.
Real Estate
Senior living facility chains in the Andean. Has existing operations and looking to expand and develop new facilities. Located in the Andean region. $50MM USD capital raise
Supply Chain
Emmersion platform investment to help US manufacturers to find suppliers in Latin America and diversify their supply in the Western Hemisphere. U.S. & Andean regions. $5MM USD capital raise and financing.
First e-commerce specific fund in Latin America. Starting with apparel and food manufacturers seeking distribution of products in Latin America, U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Emmersion micro-fund located in the Andean region. $10MM USD valutation.
Portfolio of collections companies seeking strategic partners to provide capital, new markets (U.S., Mexico & Brasil). Andean & Brasil regions.

$5MM USD in revenue.
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Real Estate

Senior living facility chains in the Andean. Has existing operations and looking to expand and develop new facilities. Located in the Andean region. $50MM USD capital raise