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Private Equity Investing In Latin America (PEI Interview)

Private Equity Info recently spoke with Stephen Marks at Emmersion about investing in Latin America. Here's a link to the conversation:

Key takeaway:

"Let’s start with the U.S. side where competition is massive. I spoke to a private equity investor last month who told me that on average, they are seeing 20 or more firms competing for the same deal. Searching for better deal opportunity, private equity firms have been moving down market. There is no doubt that has impacted valuations and probably has something to do with the $1.3T in private equity capital that is currently sitting on the sidelines.

In Latin America, you may be one of two firms in a deal and the odds are pretty high that you’ll be the only foreign firm competing against a family office or a local fund. U.S. investors provide strategic value, especially for international facing businesses like technology companies or service providers, where you have access to the U.S. market, U.S. companies, financial institutions and lower interest rates."

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