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Portfolio Companies - Q3 2020


Total Companies:  5

Geographies:  US, CO, PE, CL, BR, PY, CR.

Positions:  Majority & Minority.


Emerging market currencies in comparison to the United States Dollar (USD) fluctuate and the Latin American currencies are no exception. An attempt was made to use accurate foreign exchange rates.

Digital Agencies
Digital agency roll-up serving both the United States and Latin American markets that provides SEO, digital marketing, content creation and strategy services. Andean region and Brasil, $15MM USD revenue.
Providing workplace safety consulting, nurse case management and contact tracing solutions, including advising on CDC and OSHA guidelines for middle market companies. Located in North America.
Healthy Snacks
Emmersion micro-fund to seed manufacturing, strategic acquisitions and distribution of protein bars, vegan products and supplements. Intellectual property opportunity for technology. Located in Brasil, Andean and Central American regions. $25MM USD capital raise.
Supply Chain
Emmersion platform investment to help US manufacturers to find suppliers in Latin America and diversify their supply in the Western Hemisphere. U.S. & Andean regions. $5MM USD capital raise and financing.
First e-commerce specific fund in Latin America. Starting with apparel and food manufacturers seeking distribution of products in Latin America, U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Emmersion micro-fund located in the Andean region. $10MM USD valutation.
Trade Finance
Emmersion is seeking a partner to help capitalize a financing fund for CPG distributors in LATAM. Short term credit in the 15-30% range. US Delaware holding structure. Brasil & Andean regions. $15MM USD raise.
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