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The Case for Exporting Illinois Tech to Latin America.

Emmersion's managing director, Stephen Marks, was recently asked by the Illinois Technology Association about his views on opportunities for technology companies in the Latin American market. The ITA, along with local and multinational technology companies, will be joining Emmersion at Access Forum 2017.

While tech giants turn their focus toward the emerging Asian market, 600M people south of the U.S. border need disruptive technological solutions to cater to a mobile-connected and growing middle class.

As consumers in the United States, we take for granted our access to technology, whether that’s next day delivery for out-of-state products purchased on a mobile device, seamless P2P transfers of funds to a friend, or consistent LTE coverage. In emerging markets like Latin America, there is a lack of those same technologies and solutions centered around consumer goods, logistics, fintech, biotech, transportation, telecommunications, and energy.

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