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Valle del Cauca: Economic Diversity and a New Colombian Reality.

As peace in Colombia becomes a new reality, the state of Valle del Cauca is in a position to be an economic leader in the region. Emmersion had the chance to interview Invest Pacific's Executive Director, Alejandro Ossa, to learn what's happening in Western Colombia.

View of Valle del Cauca, Colombia, photo: Stephen Marks

When I was in Valle del Cauca, I was impressed with the diversity of industry. What do you attribute this diversity to?

Most of the companies from diverse sectors have installed their operations in Valle del Cauca because of its a strategic location to address cost efficiently the internal and external market. This has created a diverse industry in the region with companies from diverse sectors which benefit from Valle del Cauca´s strategic location. Additionally, the region has developed human talent with specific know how of diverse sectors which makes it attractive to more companies to come and install their operations in the region.

What is the historical significance of Valle de Cauca for business, Colombia and the region?

Valle del Cauca is a region which is not commodity dependant, its economy depends mainly on a diverse industry which has create a stable economic enviroment to do business and to invest. The region has a solid and developed industry that make Valle del Cauca´s economy stable and attractive.

What is the future of the Valle and how do recent peace measures support your assumption?

We have seen a very motivating dynamism in the interest shown by Mexican, Spanish, Peruvian, Chilean and North American companies for investing in fruit projects in Valle del Cauca. These opportunities have been given thanks to this new Colombian social reality. The signing of the peace agreement with the guerrilla has extended the agricultural frontier of the region. Zones that few years ago were considered dangerous, today can be visited by national and international companies, interested in looking for available agricultural lands. Also, municipalities that once were affected by the conflict, now have tax exemptions to encourage companies to invest there, generate jobs and trigger regional development.

Finally, what strategic advantage does Valle del Cauca have for foreign investors and companies?

Valle del Cauca has the strategic location for companies that want to address the internal and international market due to having the Port of Buenvantura and the region´s proximity to 61% of Colombia´s population and 65% of the national GDP. Additionally, it offers foreign investors a global business enviroment with multinational and national companies from diverse industries and highly developed industry clusters. Valle del Cauca has competitive costs in labor cost, office and warehouse rental, and cost of living. Finally, Valle del Cauca has high qualified human talent with specific know how of diverse sectors and high quality accredited universities and support entities.

Representatives from Invest Pacific will be visiting Chicago and Minneapolis in June. For more information on opportunities in Western Colombia, contact us today to schedule a meeting.

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